Monday, October 8, 2012

Love Advice

I mentioned that this was wedding season and my parents flew into town. It was a very happy occasion for the family and it was a wonderful wedding.  Quite a beautiful ceremony with a very entertaining live band.

As I am the eldest son, there also started to be some subtle (?) pressure from my parents.  Here is a very memorable quote from my dad.   Best advice I could get actually, and hard to say unreasonable.

Sure its a plus if they're pretty, but find someone you LIKE.  Remember, you have to live with them for 50 years.  They all turn into old ladies anyway.
I'm thinking it was general advice but...he may have glimpsed at my mom for a bit and said it a bit ominously?    =P

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Season

Everyone is trying to get hitched and have the ceremony while the weather is still warm.

I have to attend a wedding on the 29th for my cousin.  That should be fun, my parents are flying in which means it will be the first time in 2 years that ALL my immediate family will be together at the same time.  The last time was when we went on a cruise to Mexico.

On the 28th, I actually will have to attend a ceremony for my best friend from college.  He is the second of my close group of friends to fall victim to the nuptial plague.  There is the worry that we will never see him again, but still, I'm happy.

This season marks sort of a new era, a change if you will in where I'm at.  Now that ANOTHER of my friends has gotten married, it means its no longer a fluke.  Instead, I will anticipate a steady stream of invitations and garters.

New Era.  New Roommate.  New Job.   New Me.  Not as an excuse for the absence but its been a hectic month.   Just wanted to give an update as to why I've been MIA.  Its been quite the summer!  Hope things are going well for everyone.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I've been bad...

about posting. 

Wow, time has flown by; its crazy as my schedule has been a bit hectic.  A quick update:
  1. The new job is great.  Learning the ropes and getting used to things
  2. The communte for the new job is horrible (at least an hour each way)
  3. I'll be moving out of my current place and will start living with my brother again closer
Along with being bad about posting, I have to confess something bad about sharing too.

As you may remember, I rent a 4BR2BA house with my Cousin (a girl), and two other friends.   Me and my cousin share the bathroom upstairs, which she has slowly taken over.  Currently there are six available drawers: I have one.    We have a rack with three shelves: I have half of one row. 

That is fine.  She has quite a bit more stuff. 

A while back, I bought one of these:

A nose hair trimmer.  After using it, a few times it disappeared.  

Have no idea where it went, figured it dropped in the waste basket or I misplaced it somewhere.   Nothing to it.  Picked another one up from the local 99 cents store. 

Used it a few more times but then it disappeared again....This was an issue.

Curious, I looked around and finally found it.  It had somehow moved into enemy territory and was in one of my cousin's baskets.   Understandable as she has a ton of stuff, probably just assumed it was one of hers. 

I saw my cousin using it on her eye lashes the other day.  Since then, haven't had the heart to tell her that it used to be mine...

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Hope you have your passport ready....

I expected they'd give me a while to familiarize myself with work.

7/2 - was a Monday, my first day on the job.

7/3 - was a Tuesday, they booked a ticket leaving no the 5th

7/4 - was a Wednesday, the fourth of July holiday so I went to a family bbq

7/5 - I left for Japan. 

I've been out here for two weeks and my stay just got extended until the 24th.  Still, its been a blast.  Learning how things work at the new company.  I've only worked with about three people specifically assigned to this client but am excited about the new opportunity. 

Haven't had a chance to really do any blogging since at work most of the time but hope to write an update when I get back. 

Hope things are going well with everyone. 

Friday, June 15, 2012


I need to be up in a few hours to go surfing in the morning.  Yet I can't seem to go to sleep. 

Its for a good reason.  I'm excited.  Ended up getting an offer for that job. 

I've accepted! 
Not only that,  actually turned in my official resignation at the current firm yesterday. 

Sad because its been a good experience with the people and have learned a lot over the years.  We've had some good memories as well. 

This new firm will offer much more opportunities though.  It will also include about 25% of travel to Japan which allows me to see my parents every so often. 

The clients and type of work will be more advanced and there is a stronger national presence which means better training & support.

I am actually excited about the new job starting next month.  So much to have trouble sleeping.  Its a crazy feeling. 

Thanks for the good vibes everybody! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

The wait is killing me...

Just a quick update as the last two weeks have been extremely hectic and also nerveracking.

I'm applying for a new position at a different company. Its for a much better opportunity with a significant pay raise. 

The difficult part is that I have a gap in my resume due to a termination.  Considering it was 3.5 years ago and my significant increase in experience, as well as all the effort with obtaining my CPA license (application pending), there shouldn't be a problem.   Still I explained the situation and can only hope they won't look on it unfavorably. 

The process has been very smooth considering that I've gone from phone call, resume submission, 1st round interview to 2nd round interview all in a matter of two weeks.  I do realize how fortunate things are since I didn't know about the company at all prior to this and the state of the economy. 

Even then, the last four days are likely to give me ulcers.  I'll find out the final results likely tomorrow or the day after so need to hold on until then.

Its actually worse that the interview went so well, got my hopes up as a result.  Either way, I'll post an update tomorrow or the day after depending on how drunk I get.  In the meantime, give me good vibes please!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That glistening moisture...?

Here is a slightly humorous/gross post in between Part II of the more serious "Validation" series. 

I've been surfing more frequently recently.  Made a new friend who happens to live right by the beach and I now leave my boards at his place.  This makes it that much easier in the morning to go surfing as I don't have to load it onto my car (soft-rack).   Plus being able to drive faster than 35 mph and not worrying if the board will go flying means I have more time to surf.

The weather has been getting better but the other day for some reason there was a freak cold current that came in.   While not fully needed when its warm, surfers in cold areas often will wear what is known as a "wetsuit".

How it works is that as the water seeps into your wetsuit, it traps a layer of water which warms up through your body heat.  Its sort of an insulating layer of warmth (please note it is temporary and you will slowly lose heat anyway).  This is a part of the warming effect, the material itself and how "tightly" the open spots are sealed will make a difference. 

The faster the water in your suit heats up, the warmer you will be.   Which leads us to an old surfers trick.  On some days, when the water is cold, we skip the morning bathroom trip.

Guess where humans have a large reserve of warm liquid in their body?